MNET Services>Notifications>Message Format

The Subject: lines of notification messages will normally follow a standard format. This format is:

MN.IT Services kind -- topic which#ticket


  • kind is the notification kind. It is one of:
    • Outage - Initial
    • Outage - Update
    • Outage - Restored
    • Change - Scheduled
    • Change - Completed
    • Change - Cancelled
    • Information
  • topic is the notification topic. Related messages should have the same topic.
  • ticket is the incident ticket or change number. It will read "Incident #" for incidents and "Request #" for requests and changes. This field (along with the " #") may not be present.

Some messages may not follow this formatting.

While most notification message bodies will tend to follow their own structured format, we are not documenting that format at this time.