MNET Services>Notifications

It is MN.IT Services' policy to send notifications of changes and outages. These notifications are sent to mailing lists and are available in other formats such as as RSS feeds. Further, we maintain a record of past notifications going back at least a year.

We will send notifications to these lists for any changes or outages that affect more than two customers or any changes where it is impractical to identify who will be affected by the change. We may also send informational notifications.

For changes, the notice will normally identify:

  • the change window (dates and times),
  • the customer(s) involved, and
  • a description of the change

If an announced change is cancelled or backed out, a cancellation notification will be sent.

If the change is a scheduled for one or more days after the announcement, a completion (or cancellation) notification will be sent.

For outages that affect more than one customer, a notification will be sent as soon as practical. It will include estimate restoration times (if available) and estimated times of the next update (if applicable). Updates will be sent as available and a notification will be sent when service has been restored.