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Lists for Notification Paths

You can received notifications via email by signing up to one or more of the following mailing list. They are all announcement-only lists. List membership is subject to approval and (here's how to subscribe) and you may be added to one or more of these lists as part of our service.

list purpose
ChangesThis path contains notifications of all published OET changes. Notices for Critical-1 outages are sent to the Critcial-1 path.
Critical-1This path contains notifications relating to all OET Critical-1 outages. Notices for all changes are sent to the Changes path.

Notifications are also available through other paths. See our Notifications page for additional information.

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Other Lists

We have these other mailing lists. List membership is subject to approval and here's how to subscribe.

list purpose
snapThis list is for anyone interested in networking or email. It is a light-volume (under 1 message/day) discussion list. Security-related notices are posted here. If you are a subscriber, you can post to this list by sending to

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Subscribing to Mailing Lists

You can subscribe to any of these paths by sending an empty email message to:

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Sending to Mailing Lists

Messages sent to mailing lists must be sent as plain text and not as HTML-formatted. Do not include attachments of any kind.

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Unsubscribing from Mailing Lists

You can remove your list subscription to any of these paths by sending an empty email message to:

You must unsubscribe from the same mail address used to subscribe in the first place.

If you are having trouble unsubscribing from a list, send a message to Include the name of the list that you wish to unsubscribe from and the mail address (or addresses) that you may be listed under.